Happiness is not an item one can acquire, nor is it a goal that can be achieved, nor is it a reward for having every aspect of our lives under control.

Happiness is simply a fleeting human emotion that arises unexpectedly from hardship, sorrow, and misery.

The harder we try to acquire it, the further away it seems to be: our job, our love life, our relationships, achieving our dreams: and then, we will be happy.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Refusing to realize that some things are out of our control will only make you more miserable.

There will be times you feel helpless, lost, confused, scared. Things you will never achieve, promises unfulfilled, failures – but that’s okay.

We don’t always need to improve, we don’t always need to feel better. Sometimes, we only need to be – and that is just enough.

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Bhanu PS (psbhanu) is professionally a software engineer and loves helping people plan, develop, and launch applications.

He has spent the majority of his career in the application development industry, gaining experiences in areas such as web, network, mobile and game application development.

While managing and developing applications is his primary job function by day, psbhanu also love to write poems, blogs, tutorials, research and articles.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones.

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