One day, somehow

One day, somehow, you will smile again.
One day, somehow, you will laugh again.

One day you will smile and laugh,
without the ache of haunted memory,
the insistent voice accusing,
You’re not supposed to be happy. Not yet. Not ever.

One day you will feel a little like your old self again,
not the same,
never exactly the same,
but still, somehow, you.

One day you will look to the future and see light,
and hope,
and the kind of tomorrows you want to live in.
One day, someday, somehow, you will.
May be sooner than you think.

But as we wait for that day, know that
I pray for you,
I wait with you,
I hurt with you.

If you want me to, I will walk these dark days with you,
the ones without smiles and laughter and sunshine.

I’ll share the sorrow, the silence, the shadow,
as long as it takes.
We can talk or not talk,
as long as you need.

One day you will wake to a day less dim.
And when you are ready to step into the light,
I’ll share that day too.
Remind you to wear shades, if at first the light hurts your eyes.
Hold your hand, may be even tell jokes, while you relearn how to walk in full sun.

And one day, my friend, my love, you’ll do the same for me.

One day.


Original Author – Elizabeth Laing Thompson


Bhanu PS (psbhanu) is professionally a software engineer and loves helping people plan, develop, and launch applications.

He has spent the majority of his career in the application development industry, gaining experiences in areas such as web, network, mobile and game application development.

While managing and developing applications is his primary job function by day, psbhanu also love to write poems, blogs, tutorials, research and articles.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones.

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