One Night in September

I fell in love with you one night in september

the ground was frosty
that’s what i remember
like the cereal i used to eat
as a kid..
mini wheats, or cheerios,
or something like that

we climbed to the roof
all limbs and faded jeans
and bare dirty feet
and we laid there

we looked at the stars
that was what i
we did
and your foot nudged mine
and everything was okay

i asked you to tell me
about these stars
and you did
you said the light they cast
is not always real
i looked at you like you were crazy and then
you said there are stars that died long long long ago
and their light is only now coming to earth
for you to see
and gaze upon
and wonder about what it means

but the moon, you said,
is a hologram, of course
of course, i said
like it was the most obvious thing
and maybe it was

do you remember

when we would just drive up
a lonely mountain road
at around 4 am
with good music on

when a warm late summer breeze
touched your cheek
and the bugs softly said your name
and when you looked outside the car window
we’d reached the cliff
that overlooked
the sea
the horizon line
and then
the sun
would rise
and cast a warm pink glow on your skin
and i could only watch
as it began to grow

we sat there
on the hood of the car
with good music playing
and everything was okay

i remember that

i don’t know how it happened
maybe the soil was loose
or the grass was slippery
all i knew was that my feet
were on the ground one minute
and the next they were in the air
and i stumbled
to you

you were the smell of dinner to me
you were sunday morning cartoons to me
you were monkey bars and swingsets and jump rope to me
i didn’t know it then, but
i know it now

i can hear you now:
a little too late for that,
don’t you think?
you would say–
you know, if
you were here

you’re not

i’d say,
you’re probably

i asked you something that day
do you love me?
that’s what i asked
you looked away
like you were ashamed
(of me?)
so i asked you again

i love someone else
you said

you do? i asked
in which you said yes
like it was the most obvious thing
and maybe it was

something within me
wishes i knew sooner
something within me
wishes i never knew
something tells me
if only i hadn’t asked
then maybe it wouldn’t hurt
thinking about you
and what we had

what did we have?

i remember you as a rainbow
red and orange
yellow and green
and blue and indigo and violet
i remember you so clearly being that
(but maybe i just wanted you to be that)
you were everything
the sun
the moon
the sky
and then you weren’t

there’s somebody else, you said
i’ve fallen in love with somebody else,
you said

i remember that

the moon is a hologram
and the sun rising gives you goosebumps
and i still love you
that much i know
if i know anything at all

your foot nudged me that cold day in september
i wish i could forget you

i tried to capture my memory of you like a butterfly in a glass jar
but the jar slipped through my fingers
and away you flew..


PS, Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.


Original Author – Anonymous


Bhanu PS (psbhanu) is professionally a software engineer and loves helping people plan, develop, and launch applications.

He has spent the majority of his career in the application development industry, gaining experiences in areas such as web, network, mobile and game application development.

While managing and developing applications is his primary job function by day, psbhanu also love to write poems, blogs, tutorials, research and articles.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones.

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