Remember me

You are my life,
My everything, do hate me
But don’t go away, don’t left me.

You are my love and my world
You are my everything, do hate me,
But don’t you ever go away, don’t you ever left me.

Punish me or do destroy me,
Forgive me or do forget me,
But how should I live without you, at least explain me.

Make me smile
Or do make me cry,
But stay closer, see in my eyes and hold me.

Make me sad
Or left me to die,
But stay with me, hold my hand and say goodbye me.

I may got vanished from here,
And will no more near you my dear,
But please do me favour and don’t ever shed tears,
Just keep me in your heart and at least remember me.



Bhanu PS (psbhanu) is professionally a software engineer and loves helping people plan, develop, and launch applications.

He has spent the majority of his career in the application development industry, gaining experiences in areas such as web, network, mobile and game application development.

While managing and developing applications is his primary job function by day, psbhanu also love to write poems, blogs, tutorials, research and articles.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones.

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