She fake smiles and tries.

But she can’t hide what’s in her eyes.

They can see how weak she is
When she goes home and cries
And that’s why they don’t stop.

They know how hard she tries
But the bandages on her arms peek out no matter how much she pulls her sleeves down.

They see her puffy eyes.

They know the lie.
“I’m fine.”

But shes not fine.

Shes crumbling more and more every second.

Shes surrounded by people but she feels like their miserable.

She knows what’s wrong with her.

She thinks too much.

She cries too much.

She feels to much.

She feels like shes to much.

And they think shes pathetic.

And so does she.

Everyone says its not true.

But everyone cant see the ocean behind her eyes.

Threatening to spill at any second and destroy all.

That’s why she goes home and puts a blade to her wrist.

Draining a little at a time, until its all gone.

Like they did to her.


Madison Crissinger

Madison also known with name Maddy is a 13 year old girl lived in a small town in Ohio. She started writing at the age of 5. Madison is a writer at the very young age and love to write poetry and novels.


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